Pakistani biker girl one wheeling in Lahore


who says that pakistani girls are not as much brave as others women and girls from the worlds leading counteris…
and all pakistanies proud of their girls and women and can be depends on the pakistani girls.all pakistani knows that lahore is the most advanced city of pakistan and karachi too but lahore lahore ha… lol
i read some forums where some members are claiming that indian girls and indian women are the best girls and women of the world. and they also claim that the indian woman and indian girls are much intelligent that other girls and women of the world, and i said that may be indian girls and women are much wiser and inteligent than pakistani women and girls but in bravory and in action activitis that girls and woman from pakistan is step ahead from indian girls.
you also agree with me that in many conditions as like this motor bike video i have not seen any video like this type that show me that in real indian girls and women are more active brave and wiser that pakistani girls and women.
so here is the video of a brave girl with her boyfriend on the sports bike making a wheeling…. wow

if some one clames that the women and girls from other side of the world then show them on our blog and prove that the pakistani girls are not stronge and brave that their women…

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