Zulfiqar Mirza & his Wife Fahmida Mirza Enjoying Vacations in US


Former Interior Minister Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza and his wife Deputy speaker Fahmida Mirza, both are at vacations now a days and enjoying their trip in United States.
Zulfiqar Mirza known for his political statements against MQM and other political parties is out from the politics of Sindh now a days due to his vacations which he is enjoying in United States with his wife. Zulfiqar Mirza is aside from politics at the request of MQM, because his presence in the province create problems between MQM and PPP.


  • rizwan soomro

    zulfiqar mirza is a crimnal mind person he is not a son of sindh dharti


    well done zulfi keep on strugling against mqm.
    or yar sirf bharkein he na marna kuch kr k b dekhana .

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