Zulfiqar Mirza Complete Speech against MQM – Latest Video


Zulfiqar Mirza again spoke against the MQM in his last speech yesterday and after it violence started in Karachi including Hyderabad, Mir Pur Khas and some other cities of Sindh.
“I met with Afaq Ahmad twice”, Zulfiqar Mirza. and he said that Afaq Ahmad is a 2nd biggest political prisoner after Asif Ali Zardari and he is a real leader of Mahajir peoples, Zulfiqar mirza insister if Afaq Ahmad is criminal and killer so Altaf Hussain is same. This is totally a wrong politics which is going on in Sindh and the reason behind is MQM left Govt. of PPP and these issues are coming now. Have a look in this video.

Zulfiqar Mirza talks about MQM again 13 July

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