Worse Condition of Karachi – بوری بند لاشیں


Karachi, a biggest business and revenue hub of Pakistan is at its worse condition in history of Pakistan now a days. When ever democracy comes in power in Pakistan these democratic parties take Pakistan to worse condition economically and politically. All political Parties are trying to own Karachi now a days weather its PPP, MQM, ANP, JASQM, etc. Three biggest political parties are fighting with each other to own Karachi and earn revenue from this city.
Now a days again all parties are killing political workers including innocent people, not only killing but cutting the body parts of the peoples and then throwing dead bodies in sacks. Closed bag bodies is an old culture which was finished after an operation against some parties in Karachi now this is started again. May God protect this city.

Bori Band Lash

  • Faisal

    very bad

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