Wine Drinking Frobidden but manufacturing allowed in Pakistan


Pakistan is the only Islamic country out of 56 Islamic states in the world where one can manufacture
the leaker legally We read almost every day in newspapers that police rated on a house and found a CHALOO BHATTI (home made factory for alcohol).So what is this?

  • KAM

    Expect for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait liquor is official sold in all Islamic countries. Country like Egypt is even live stocking pork as key businesses. It is money what all are after, no matter how they make it. Things which are made lawful by the Man’s rules and understanding are considered rightful and ignore what ALLAH has commanded.

    Rasoollah (sallahuwalihi wasalaam) said when Muslims break pact with Allah, Allah punishes them with cruel ruler, who snatches what rightfully owned by the people or how Allah’s Messenger (sallahu walaihi wasalaam) may have said.

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