Website of Indian Press Club hacked by Pakistani Hackers


This is the message posted at the website don’t know weather who hacked the website but the message says Pakistani Hackers hacked the site.

Are you Hacked ? Yesh ! You have been Hacked !!!, not because of your stupidity … That’s because SOme Indian Gays Hacked 0ur Karachi Press Club site So jus Here t0 warn you ,That you have beeen pwnd by Pakistani haCker ……This was not a joke or dream, this is fucking reality”, kids, This is Now a Just Warning, Of what I have Not Done Yet. I have Not Damaged anything, will not Leak any Info and Also not Misuse It. I Mean No Harm, Unless you Indian Gays St0p hackinG Pakistani sites, I’ll simply State that, You ll nevr ever Able t0 Handle 0r stop Us ….
D0nt mess Again wid Pakistani Sites 0therwise U gays better Kn0w Uss !…
at last Gay hind !
Indian Press Club web site hacked by Pakistani Hackers

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