Views of Dr. Shahid Masood on Aamir Liaquat’s Leaked Video


Shahid Masood a big name in News & Current Affairs talks about the leaked video of Aamir Liaquat and points about Nadia Khan as well. Check the following comments he posted on his wall at Facebook.

“I have worked Both in GEO and ARY and Also as a collegue of dr amir liaqat. In fact in dubai studios of GEO, other then regular news bulletins…THREE SHOWS WERE TELECASTED FOR YEARS. MINE(MEREY MUTABIQ,NADIA KHAN SHOW,and Amir Liaqat sb’s AALIM ONLINE( FROM SAME STUDIOS IN DUBAI MEDIA CITY).I have watched the leaked video, and read each comment posted on my page. I know a lot to share and May be the exact story. But any words from me at this moment …will start a new controversy…!!! its not a matter of me being afraid of talking about so called BILLIONARE MEDIA MOGHULS….OR A PERSON…!!its the time(as my comment at this moment may be taken as verdict or FATWA in this case)….lets say next week…I’ll come back on this with my take….( i am not only surprised but happy to see after reading comments ,how intelligent viewers,all of u! ),,(in the mean time….message for a very popular female morning show host,who is away from screens for a year now…and now finalising deal with another re-launch,…lady!!!u never listened to my advice ever!!!! )….lol…nxt week…inshAllah..”


shahid masood about aamir liaquat hussain

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