Views of Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachan, Anwar Maqsood & Aitazaz Ahsan – Must Read


Read the views of Bollywood star Mr. perfect Amir Khan, King of bollywood Amitabh Bachan, Pakistani top writer Anwar Maqsood & Politician & lawyer Aitazaz Ahsan.

Amir Khan says: If PTI wins i will come to Pakistan to celebrate.

Amitabh Bachan says: I am proud that i respect Imran Khan and I promise I will support him when ever he needs.

Anwar Maqsood says: If we think about the lovers of Pakistan, Imran Khan clicks in the mind, who make impossible things possible.

Aitazaz Ahsan says: I am impressed by Imran Khan for a long time as compared to these new people.


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