Victim of Malik Riaz Baharia Town Scandal


I am oversees Pakistani. I was a victim of Malik Riaz nephew Usman Riaz and his Father. They sold me land two years ago in Phase 8 when I met them at Jinnah Estate. After returning to Pakistan, I found out that I have been assigned a plot in an under developed area which is worth half of what I had paid.
The plot and the map they had shown me at that time was no where to be seen. The plot they had showed me was not a commercial area. The plot that they assigned me in papers was about to be cancelled because the possession dues (which I already paid) had not be paid by Usman.

My father who is 70 years old had to run around for more than a month. After a month of arguing and going back and forth, they finally agreed to pay the 1 lack possession charges and allotted the plot in my name. But in the whole process, I lost 4 lack rupees because the plot they gave me is worth 8 lacks, while I had paid 14 lack rupees included all dues.
I found out that I was not the only one in that situation and other victims are not even aware of what is going on with their plots. I was lucky to get back on time before my plot was cancelled. I dont understand why they had do to do that with me. Is that how they became rich? With haram money? Are they not muslims or do they not care about death?

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