Veena Malik – A Real Life Drama


Veena Malik known for her controversies, weather she is in Pakistan, India or any part of world. Sometimes Veena Malik caught Drinking, Veena Malik Caught Seducing, even Veena Malik insulted by Raki Sawant in India, sometimes a real life Drama. Some days back she arrived back to Pakistan and news flashed that she had an accident in which her whole car was wrecked but she is safe.
Veena Malik Car Accident
The news that Veena Malik’s had a car crash, speared through many hearts, and where many had already started to miss her, others wished Veena a longer and healthier life to entertain her audience more with her boldness and oh-too-much voluptuousness.

Veena was driving from Islamabad to lahore after meeting her family. Note that Veena was with three or four people; two her bodyguards and one was just a boy on the front seat.

Veena went into deep shock after the incident and as Express Tribune was told by her family that,

“The family doesn’t want to disclose her location right now for security concerns. Doctors say she is stable and will be discharged soon, but they have advised rest as she has suffered a mental shock,” Rashid.

Resources told that a “boy” who was sitting on the front seat with Veena Malik said,

“It seemed as if they deliberately hit our car. We couldn’t see their faces. They hit us, and saw our car colliding. They would have stopped had they hit us by mistake.”

Ishh…Something still pricks my curiosity – who that “Boy” was? Perhaps anonymity of the toy-oh-boy is maintained to avoid any further drama to the already packed episode. Veena’s usual recklessness may be a cause of the crash, however, drama has it may be a lethal attack aimed at Veena Ji… Veena’s car was crossed by another, which banged it and rushed forward. The logic is that if the hit was only accidental, why didn’t the car stopped to check the wreck. My question is, how many do that? And especially if it’s Veena, only a person with an absolute wish to be dragged into media in not even an routinely alleged romance but a potential extremist terrorist who vowed to punish Veena for her audacious attitude, would stop by to check. Whose mistake was it? It can’t be objectively pointed out, however only because some one ended up in a hospital doesn’t validate their innocence. Anyways, we wish Veena all the luck in healing up and in getting out of the shock she underwent due to the car accident. Umm…Can’t help it, I have to say it that Veena may get out of this shock, but we are still facing the tremors of the shock Veena staged for us in Big Boss!
Source: The News

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