Valentine Day in Pakistan – Valentine’s Sexual Videos Sold in 20 Million Available on Internet


Valentine Day which is being celebrated all around the world. Valentine is the day to express love, not only express love but enjoy the illicit relations openly on this day. It was designed to increase the business and force the youth towards sexual activities.
Pakistan is not safe from this even millions are against it and not allowed as per Islamic country. But Pakistani youth influenced by the western paid media is in the favor of Valentine and celebrate it in all ways and young guys get chance to fulfill their sexual desires.
Many ice-cream parlors, coffee houses & hotels are providing the safe platform to these couples to enjoy the sexual activities safely under the supervision of Police. These parlors charges Rs. 100 for an ice-cream and hotels charge Rs. 600 per hour to give a safe heaven to these young couples to enjoy the sexual activities safely.
But climax started when these internet cafe’s and hotels recorded the videos of all these couples and sold the videos to the porn websites. Now all the videos are available on internet and these modern girls are weeping on TV and asking the removal and help to safe there identity. But once time is gone, it can’t come back. Check the following video program about this.



valentine in Pakistan

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