US Media Hides Indian Nuclear Scandal


What if the kidnappers have used the Indian nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam to penetrate the Indian nuclear arsenal and use the material for a future attack on Washington or New Delhi?
Why? Because it exposes India’s low nuclear safety standards which in turn will embarrass Washington and London, two countries that are keen to use India’s cheap soldiers to fight the Anglo-Saxon wars in Afghanistan and China.

Not a single major Am-Brit media outlet covered the story of the kidnapping and murder of a man that holds the key to the Indian nuclear arsenal.
There are no scare stories about Indian nukes falling in the wrong hands on either CNN or BBC.

Why? There are two funny reasons.

One is that the Am-Brit liar brigade spent much of its energy in the last two years trying to scare the world about Pakistan’s nukes and how the poor Pakistanis are unable to protect them.

And suddenly this happens: a major nuclear security breach in India. And India is something that the Am-Brit liar brigade wants to protect at all costs. Mainly because India is the new slave-soldier of London and Washington and is being groomed to help in sustaining the occupation of Afghanistan and confronting China.

Also, the Americans have just broken all proliferation laws and decided that India is such a responsible nuclear power that it deserves to be given advanced nuclear technology.

Imagine if this incident had happened in Pakistan. The entire Am-Brit media would have been beating the drums of war, reminding the world how dangerous and unstable Pakistan is.

But now the entire Am-Brit enterprise is embarrassed. By the way, the Am-Brit enterprise includes biased British and American diplomats in addition to think-tank types and outright rude and dimwit journalists most of whom think they know more about your country than you do.
What if one of the 14 or so separatist movements and organizations in India kidnapped the scientist to gain access to Indian nuclear bombs?

What if the terrorists have actually gained access to an Indian nuclear facility as we speak, killed the scientist and are now waiting to carry out a major terrorist act?

What if any one of those Indian separatist groups fighting for the independence of 14 out of the 28 states that make up India have used the scientist to sell information or nuclear designs to groups or countries that end up attacking the United States? It is a scary business.

But the Am-Brit media won’t cover it. Period.

NOTE: Nor would the Pakistani media, by the way. Pakistani media should have been beaming this story all over the world by now. But 80+ private news channels in the country and a giant state-owned media setup and tens of Press Ministers earning lavish benefits and still nothing to show for it.

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