TV Actress Hides Mother’s Body for Months to Get Pension of £200


TV actress hides her mothers dead body for six months because she and her daughter wanted to get pension of worth £200. Hazel Maddock, 61, and her daughter Jasmine, 35, didn’t report the mother’s death.

“What they did is disgusting. And for a few extra quid. They’re the lowest of the low,” a neighbour told the Sun.

Family friend was disgusted hearing this news, “Olive was such a kindly old lady. It sends my blood cold to think of her lying there. I asked after Olive’s health several times but Hazel said she wasn’t up to coming out and had ‘gone a bit loopy’. I didn’t notice a smell – but the people next door did.”

Experts have found that Olive died of natural causes between two and six months before her body was found.

Both women got out on bail but will be sentenced later. “You must expect the possibility of a custodial sentence. These are serious matters,” judge Gerald Clifton warned the accused.

Hazel had appeared in TV shows like Brookside, Hollyoaks and The Outsiders.
daughter hold mothers body for pension
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