Titlyaan and Andheri Raat Blockbuster Pakistani Adult Movies


This is not a fake story or a rumor its now confirmed from media sources that Adult films culture have made strong roots in a Boom of Media industry in Pakistan. Pakistan is not successful in good movies so what Pakistan film makers produced two blockbuster Adult Movies from the Studio in Karachi, claims of making more than 90 films since 2002.
Junaid a director and a producer claims that they have made more than 90 adult movies since 2002 and Titlyaan and Andheri Raat were the most successful movies they produced. Junaid runs a studio in a banglow in Defence with a set of adult movies in a two rooms. Junaid running a studio with his partner Tina and claims that they will boost this industry very soon in Pakistan and their moto is to inform the students about the intimate relations and how to get the joy from these moments.
adult film industry of Pakistan
Source: Tribune

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