Teacher Arrested for Urinating in Garbage Cans in Class


Police in Georgia said they arrested a substitute teacher who allegedly urinated into a trash can while teaching a fourth-grade class.

Riverdale police said Coleman Eaton Jr., 60, was arrested Wednesday after the incident at Riverdale Elementary School, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Thursday.
teacher arrested for urinating in class
“It was alleged that he walked to the back of the class, told the class not to turn around and allegedly urinated in one of the garbage cans in the back,” Riverdale police Maj. Greg Barney said.

“A couple of students turned around and observed him using the restroom in the garbage can,” Barney said. “One of the students went to the office after that and made the complaint.”

Eaton was charged with two counts of aggravated child molestation and was taken to the Clayton County Jail without bond.

Barney said Eaton has not admitted to the offense but police did find urine believed to be his in the trash can.

Source: UPI

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