Sri Lankan matched fixed since 1992, Tillakaratne


Hashan_Tillakaratne former Sri-Lankan Captain reveals match fixingColombo – Former Sri Lanka cricket captain Hashan Tillakaratne revealed that match fixing has been common in Sri Lanka’s cricket and promised to show proofs with the names or responsible persons in near future.

Tillakaratne led Sri Lanka in 10 test matches said that Match fixing has been a problem in Sri Lanka’s cricket since 1992.

“I can tell this in agreement with my conscience. Match fixing is not something that started happening yesterday or today. According to my knowledge, it is being happened since 1992. I say this with great responsibility” said Tillakaratne.

“I am not saying that this match (The world cup final) was fixed. But anyway match fixing is something which has been in this country over a period of time. This has spread like a cancer today” he explained.

Another reason of loosing the world cup final match their was a big pressure of Indian Govt. at Sri-lanka because India supports Sri – Lanka financially very much, so Sri-Lanka will have to accept what ever India says.

“There were threats of this issue being exposed during various times. But it was pushed down by giving money to various people. If the people who were responsible for that are listening to this, I state this today with great responsibility, I will shortly reveal the names of those responsible” Tillakaratne talked in a TV talk show.

Source: Geo News

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