Six Promises of Kaptaan PTI Imran Khan with People of Pakistan in Lahore Jalsa 23 March 2013


PTI Imran Khan organised the huge public gathering at Minto Park Lahore, Its the biggest gathering by any political party, in which public participated without any pressure and with their own will. Its the upcoming change in the politics of Pakistan. PTI Imran Khan is raising the slogan of change in Pakistan. In today’s jalsa Imran Khan presented his six promises with the nation which are following.

1. I will always speak truth with the nation.
2. Me and my team will struggle (Jihad) for full justice in Pakistan.
3. My wealth and property is in Pakistan and it will be, I will not transfer my wealth outside the Pakistan like other politicians of Pakistan.
4. I and my family will not be benefited in our government nor other members of PTI.
5. Nation’s tax will be spent on nation neither in CM or PM houses. We will break the walls of Punjab’s Governor house and convert it into a library.
6. We will support and stand with overseas Pakistani poeple.

By sharing these promises Imran Khan has pressed the thrust vein or tender spot of the nation. The nation who is suffering for a long time from these corrupt politicians. Imran Khan has started his election campaign from today’s public gathering (Jalsa).

In the mid of the speech of Imran Khan it rained heavily but Kaptaan continued. All the supporters didn’t left the park and stayed in park till the end of the speech. Imran Khan not only presented his promises but he took the four promises from the people of Pakistan.
imran khan in Lahore Jalsa

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