Shoe attack on Indian Politician Dwivedi – Video


A man tried to throw a shoe at Congress leader Janardhan Dwivedi when the politician was criticising yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) at a press conference in party headquarters in New Delhi on Monday evening. Sunil Kumar climbed up the podium where Dwivedi was sitting and threatened him by waving his shoe. TV channels showed Kumar speaking to Dwivedi and waving his shoe at him. “You cannot stop us from asking questions,” Kumar was heard telling Dwivedi. He allegedly got provoked after asking Dwivedi a question on Ramdev.
Scores of journalists watched in shock as this happened. Kumar, who is reportedly a resident of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, was immediately pinned down by Congress workers and journalists and beaten up. Unconfirmed reports say he is associated with a small newspaper called Navsanchar Times in Jhunjhunu.
shoe attack on congress leader dwivedi
Dwivedi later described the incident as “pre-planned attack” at the RSS’s behest. “Whatever I said (about the RSS) has been proved by this one man. Had this (attack) not been orchestrated, the person would not have asked favourable questions so that there were no doubts,” he said.

Congress general secretary Dijvijay Singh too blamed the RSS for Kumar’s action. “He appears to be an RSS activist,” said Singh.

It is yet not known how Kumar managed to enter the Congress headquarters as he was not on the party’s list of reporters who cover the party.

Police cracked down on Ramdev and his supporters at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi after midnight on Saturday and forcibly removed the yoga guru from the site. He was then evicted from the national capital.

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