Shoaib can’t leave Hyderabad without permission Police.I had a miscarriage, claims Ayesha Siddiqui


HYDERABAD: Ayesha Siddiqui, who claims to be the wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, created a flutter on Sunday alleging that while Shoaib claims he never saw her, the two had shared an “intimate” relationship. She also said she was pregnant at one point of their marriage.
The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, she said in a telephonic interview.

Ayesha refused to give details of when she had become pregnant and when and where she had the miscarriage, only saying that her gynaecologist was a certain Dr Fatima in Hyderabad. The doctor could not be traced, there being over a dozen of them in the city by that name.

Her statement left reporters guessing about what she would say next, particularly because Ayesha also said she would produce proof at the appropriate time.

Ayesha also alleged, “Shoaib is a liar, making contradictory statements everyday. Today, in a newspaper report, he referred to me as Maha ‘apa’. On a TV show last year, he had said he had met Maha ‘khala’ (aunt) each time he came to Hyderabad. Will he call me Maha ‘dadi’ (grandmother) now?” she asked.
At the Mirza household since morning, friends and relatives kept trickling in. Among them who drove in was V Chamundeswarnath, former secretary of Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association and a close friend of both the families.

According to sources close to the family, even Shoaib’s relatives and family members are expected to land in Hyderabad this week. However, fans of the tennis sensation were missing from the location.

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