Shoaib Akhter used Boot nails and Zip of Back Pocket for Ball Tempering


Former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar accepts the ball-tampering charges against him and says he used boot nails and back pocket zip, because now a days all the pitches are in the favor of batsman, in his new released book which was released last week in New Delhi.
Shoaib Akhter doesn’t feels guilty on his all ball tempering cases and writes, “The game has become very unequal and only favours the batsman,” “If you bowl a no-ball, the batsman gets a free-hit; bouncers have been curtailed.”
“They have restricted us so mercilessly that I find it very difficult to feel entirely guilty about ball tampering.”
Akhtar tells the ways of ball tempering in his book as well.
“There are so many ways to prepare the ball, it’s not just a matter of scratching it,” he wrote. “I have used my boot nails and zip of my back pocket. Many bowlers use vaseline or gum on the ball.
“The only way to stop this is for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ensure that at least some pitches are prepared in favour of bowlers.”
His other solution is to legalise it and “set rules for it”.
“Perhaps some manipulation of the ball, like scratching it with your nails, could be legally allowed,” he added.
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Source: Tribue

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