Shabaz Taseer Son of Salman Taseer Kidnapped in Lahore


Shahbaz Taseer son of Salman Taseer kidnapped on his way to Gulberg office in Lahore, Salman Taseer Ex Governor of Punjab from PPP was murdered some time back. Now his son is kidnapped.
Shahbaz was a director in no. of companies founded by Salman Taseer, He was kidnapped after 8 months to the murder of his father by one of his body guard over the criticism of the country’s blasphemy law.
Eye witnesses told that a Land Cruiser blocked the way to Taseer’s Mercedes Benz when he was going to his office in Gulberg. Their were 4 men in Land Cruiser who forced out Shahbaz Taseer on gun point and took him away.
Police told that kidnappers thew a Kalashnikov, iPad and 3 mobiles near the crime scene.
shahbaz taseer son of Salman Taseer Kidnapped in Lahore

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