Sex Workshops in Pakistan – 1000’s Participated in Karachi


Sex workers in Karachi and PakistanSex an important part of human life and the essential necessity of life which is required like food & water to run a smooth life, if someone will stuck just in food he will be loosing in his life or if someone will stuck for sex will be lost. Our religion Islam has given us the solutions for all the problems and the solution for sex is marriage which is obligatory after being adult at any Muslim but in our society now every one is running behind the status, running behind money or the youth is thinking that when they will become something then they will marry, due to this a lot of girls are sitting at homes with out marry and guys who are running behind the status for running for becoming something when they feel the requirement of sex they goes for wrong ways, like masturbation, prostitutes etc. Due to the easy access to media and internet boys even girls have started the masturbation and have adopt the wrong ways of sex. Dating culture is very normal in Pakistan now a days and couples are doing any thing very easily even we can find the couples at public places involved in sex, these couples can be seen in parks, hotels, dating points, tea cafe’s, ice cream points, even at the Mazar e Quaid.
Due to this increasingly search of sex many people contacts prostitutes to fulfill the desires, according to some reports more than lac womans are working as a prostitutes in Karachi and Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.
In Punjab province specially in Lahore its very easy to get prostitutes, same like Punjab and Lahore its very easy to access prostitutes in interior Sindh, Why this is easy due to poverty womans have started working as a prostitutes to earn money, a lot of womans and girls smuggled in various parts of country for this purpose, in other provinces children are being used for this purpose along with girls.
Now with the help of UN these prostitutes are becoming the gentle with the name of Sex workers like Western culture, these sex workers are going to be imposed at the society, until now these prostitutes were working as a hidden part of society but after becoming sex workers they will get their rights legally no police men will use them freely, no police man will charge bribe for their job and every thing will become legal in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Have a look at the report in a TV Program with reference of BBC

Many Programs have been broad casted at different TV Channels regarding this issue including the interviews of prostitutes. Even dating videos and other stuff is widely available at Internet. This is our Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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