Sex Workers Trapping College Students in Gulistan e Johar Al Musavir Exposed


There are thousands of sex centers and brothels in different cities of Pakistan, which are being supervised by many powerful people. A new sex center in Gulistan e Johar exposed by Target team which was involved in trapping the college students. They used to send mobile messages to these students and were charging Rs. 1500 for half hour for all illicit activities and relationships.

sex centers in gulistan e johar


    Sherry is the most immature person and suffers from identity crisis and thrives on sensationalism. He has never tried to initiate any meaningful dialogue on the social issues confronting us and merely depicting the victims as criminals and degrading them. The State is responsible for these crimes where unemployment is rife and these helpless women have no support from the government or state to lead a respectable life where they have no medical , health or educational facilities. Vigilantism does not help in reforming a society, but it requires an objective condition to be created which infuse a sense of security to the citizens, Push off Sheery dont humiliate those made helpless by State and formulate solutions which State is bound to do, if u have the courage. In the absence of welfare policies these social issues will remain. Do u know Karachi has more number of prostitutes than Bangkok, be rational Thailand is much more developed country than Pakistan where prostitution is legal. Think and ponder about it dont try to be Chaudri you can achieve nothing

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