Sex Shops and Dance Parties in Pakistan


  • XYZ

    I dont think of any pakistani who cannot speak Urdu. The boys shown in Madrissa and followed by the look of ladies working in the workshop and men….. all do look waring shalwar qameez….. most likely suburbs of India or perhaps Bangladesh…..Surely not Pakistan as generally Pakistanis do not need interpreted voices, specially if it was filmed in some city.
    I would suggest these types of reports are just suggestive of idiotic and foolish minds.

  • Jan

    The video is dubbed.

  • zafar

    This is just propaganda but foolishly crafted.


    totaly a false and mis represented video for the embarrasment of Muslims

    • sam

      bhaio bhar nikal k dheko …….. kon se pakistan main reh rahay ho ap ,, anpi gali maholay se bhar nikal k dhko.

  • kiran

    maybe its fake but we still cant refuse the truth.

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  • zex

    Why are people bothered if someone is having a goodtime. Get a life to whoever thinks this is “WRONG” or “UNISLAMIC”……….I mean what nonsense… that what is left of people out here??????.

    Is the most important debate now ..”What is Islamic…and what is not????”. Who TF is anyone to ask me or anybody to justify anything I/we do. Most people who think along these/such lines should be dealt with at the earliest, if we are to move ahead as a nation.

  • Zain

    i think that it’s not in pakistan and the voices in the video i heared ” mahela ”
    which the indians calls for a women and as he sea side has shown so the sea is not only situated near pak it’s also to india…….. and now i’m sure that it’s india not pakistan…
    if the person who watched the sea side parties then he must tell i also wanna to enjoy that …..
    abhi tak to hum ny aik party b samandar k kinaray nhi daikhi, lgta hai is banday i dost honday….. :)

  • nadeem

    nice parties for enjoing and destroing sadness and money..

  • irfan

    its TOTALY fake, if u hear carefully so the guy asking “gharm ” not mazhab, koi be pakistani islam mazhab ko ” dharm” nahi bolta.
    its dubbed in INDIA.
    and there females are also indian.

  • Salem

    Yeh hundred% pakistani or karachi ki documentry national geographic ki hai jo orignally english mai hoti hai lekin national geoghraphic South Asia uani India isko hindi mai dubb karke nashar karta hai . Or yeh bilkul real hai yeh hota hai karachi mai dont worry .

  • lilyjoin

    i like this site i will come back….

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