Sanjay Dutt Got Bald for Agneepath


Sanjay couldn’t bear the heat at the set of Agneepath and shaved off his head. A member of unit told that the actor took the extreme decision to shave off his head due to the temperature of 48 Degree Celsius and bulk make up which takes 3 hours to apply.

After discussion Sanjy Baba came up with natural bald look for his character in the movie. But Sanjay is shooting many other projects including Rascals his own production, may be situation will effect at those projects.

But Hollywood’s famous wigmaker, Citoria wood has specially flown down to India for Sanju. Sanjy told to media, ‘I couldn’t have handled the make-up mess after a point. It was too tiring getting up at 5am everyday. Also, it was a strain on my eyes as prosthetic make-up is heavy.’

Bald look of Sanjay Dutt

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