Richest PM Punjab Shahbaz Sherrif with Assets of Rs 489.64 million


CM Punjab Shahbaz Sherrif stands first in the list of the richest mans of Pakistan, He is declared the richest MPA of Punjab Assembly with the assets of Rs. 489.64 million.
According to Election Commission Shahbaz Sherif declared his four properties in UK of Rs. 175.6 million. Assets in Pakistan including Muree property worth Rs. 16.6 million, agricultural property of Rs. 6.9 million and he showed investment of Rs. 20.85 million in sugar, textile and paper mills. He has a gifted Land Cruiser worth Rs. 20.81 million and he secures mortgages of Rs. 146.25 million and his liabilities are over Rs. 6 million. Bank Balance is Rs. 5.75 million. Wife of Shahbaz Sherrif owns Rs. 177.2 million of non agricultural property and Rs. 51.53 of agricultural property with Rs. 10.85 million investment in textile and sugar mills, daily and poultry farms with bank balance of Rs. 10.184 million and her liabilities are of Rs. 5.75 million. Mr. Shahbaz’s second wife owns jewelry of Rs. 5 million and two cars.
Shahbaz Sherrif assets
Source: Dawn News

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