Rehman Malik was the “Bhangi” of Benazir Bhutto – Video


Zulfiqar Mirza says Rehman Malik was a sweeper of Benazir Bhutoo, He says Rehman Malik is a big liar from all parts of his body.


  • Huma

    Zulfiqar Mirza & Co need a blast of toxic truth in their direction – they did not get to the positions of government they hold based on merit or experience. Let’s face it, he must have done some serious sucking up (and by that I mean indulging in large scale criminal activity) – afterall he wasn’t sucking upto the pope but rather a man who “is the greatest obstacle to Pakistan’s progress” and that’s the Saudi King saying. I, on the other hand would not describe him in as polite terms used by King Abdullah.

    Afterall, as admitted in his press conference, he received his many properties and mills from Benazir and Zardari as “gifts”. Where did the son of a down trodden cinema owner get so much wealth from? As we all know, Zardari does not give something to someone for nothing! This is more so evident from all the senior police officers found (although without legal jurisdiction) to be complicit in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto who are now (surprise, surprise) in senior positions of the government.

    Now, now Mr. Mirza, it’s time you came off your high horse. You are no whistle blower. Mr. Mirza’s explosive claims were with the support of our beloved Mr. President.

    Rehman Malik and Benazir Bhutto were business partners as opposed to her husband. After Benazir’s untimely death, the business assets which are thought to be worth several hundred millions pounds if not more went straight over to Rehman Malik. The heirs to Benazir’s share are her children and to get their hands on those assets would involve very public court cases which would expose Benazirs plundering of national wealth and would cause her husband to lose face. So, Rehman Malik manipulated his way into Zardari’s govt.

    Now let the games continue….

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