Rehman Dakait Encountered video


As Lyari mourns the death of Rehman Dakait alias Khan Jee, negotiations are underway, considering the new heir to the throne. Some names including Lyari’s Peace Committee chief Uzair Baloch, Rehman’s chief commander Baba Ladla and another commander Jabbar Jhengu are being touted as the new leaders of the gang. “Its still undecided as to who will replace Dakait,” a source in Rehman Dakait’s group disclosed while talking to Daily Times, adding, “Uzair is likely to be the new gang leader.” Uzair, a resident of Singu Lane, used to be a social worker and had independently contested for post of UC Nazim in 2001. He joined Dakait’s group in 2003 after his father, Faizu Mama, a transporter, was killed by Arshad Pappu. He was imprisoned for two hours after being arrested by Chaudhry Aslam in 2003 and was released on parole. Meanwhile, Baba Ladla is expected to be second in command with Uzair.

Lyari echoed with the chant “Rehman Bhai Zinda Hein!”. The allegation across the area was, “Police killed Rehman and others in a fake encounter.” Dakait supporters said that they do not know how or what happened but it seems that the police officials called them (Dakait and other slain gangsters) with a false promise and arrested them from Balochistan. The men were later killed at Karachi’s Link Road to give the impression of an encounter, they claimed. Slogans against the PPP leadership were heard all over the town and a particular target was MNA Nabeel Gabol. “Let’s see how the PPP will win a seat from Lyari in next elections,” said the widow of Nazeer Balah adding, “Sardar Rehman was a sign of peace and nobody can stop his mission as it will continued till the last breath of each and every person belonging to Lyari.” Lyari gangsters are fearful as they expect an operation against them soon. Lyari’s Peace Committee has announced a three day shutter down strike across the city.

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