Reema is going to Marry with American national Pakistani Dr Tariq


Reema is going to marry an American National Pakistani, Dr. Tariq Shahab, It will be the second marriage of Dr. Shahab. Cards of marriage has been distributed without mentioning the bride to specific people only. This news is being kept secret but Dr. Shahab confirmed the news with media.

According to media reports, Reema is all set to merry with Dr Shahab, but the wedding news is being kept secret.However, reliable sources close to Dr Shabab confirmed the news. The sources said that wedding cards have also been published, but without bride’s name.The sources said that specific people have been invited for the wedding . It will be the second marriage of Dr Shahab, the sources added.It is pertinent to mention here that Reema’s wedding news with Dr Shahab were surrounding in the media from six months.

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