Raped Woman Can’t Complain Until She has 4 Witnesses – Munawar Hasan – Video


Raped woman should not complain about the act happened with her until she doesn’t have 4 Witnesses – Munawar Hasan said in a TV Program.
Now all woman who are going to raped should arrange some witnesses for the brutality which is going to be happen with them. What a non sense Munawar Hasan said.
Islam of Jamat e Islami and Munawar Hasan says that woman and man should not report the rape attempt because it leaves the bad effect at the society, i cann’t believe how it is possible that some one is killing the woman by raping her and islam is not protecting this is not possible Islam is the best and complete religion of the world.
Now Lets take some examples from the history, when the victim doesn’t have witnesses so the Caliph used the tactics to solve the issue. Lets take an example from the 4th Caliph of Islam, 2 woman were claiming that the child is their so Hazrat Ali Karam Allah Wajho said Kill the boy, as he ordered the origional woman declared her claim and said give the boy to other woman, because in this way the boy will be alive, because she was the real mother and she cannot see his own blood dying. So its discovered who is the real mother and the boy was given to her and other claimer was punished. so we have a lot of examples in history how these types of disputes were solved by the great Caliphs and in the era of Rasool e Khuda s.a.w.w.
This era is the advanced era of technology and its very easy to check weather woman was raped or not just by some simple tests so if woman doesn’t have the witnesses so victim can complain and it will be proved weather she is right or a liar, so the reason provided by Munawar Hasan is not good enough for this issue.
I do agree with the saying of Munawar Hasan, Islam says that if any bad thing happening is society at a very slight level so it should be hidden and try to not complain that but should be finish because it effects the society badly but when we see every day news of rapes are coming so these news cannot be hide.
Munawar Hasan should check this and then talk about the issue, weather saying that you are going against the Quran or Islam none of the Muslim can even think of denying the orders of Islam and Quran but remember Islam is the complete religion which gives you the best resolutions of all the issues, not only the issues of this era but the issues of coming era.

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