Protest Around the Pakistan Against Shia Killings & Saneha Quetta Shia Genocide for last 54 Hours


Shia community has been targeted for a long time in Pakistan and Killing of Shia community is a normal thing in Pakistan where Pakistani Govt, specially the terrorist and extremist organisations don’t think Shia people a human. They think that Shia people have no right to live. CM Aslam Raisani stated on the the killing of 40 Hazara shia people that If 40 people have killed from millions so its not a big deal no problem, let them be killed what can we do.
Extremist parties SSP and Lashkar e Jhangvi are funded from Saudi Govt and supported by the Govt. of Punjab PMLN as well as Balochistan Govt. Terrorists & leader of SSP accepts on media that they have been killing Shia people for a long time and will continue it. But at this claim and open acceptance of killings on media Pakistan Govt as well as Judiciary don’t take any actions against them but they just freed their killers who were arrested by Police.
On January 10 more than 125 people were killed at Alamdar Road Quetta including media and Edhi workers and people of Quetta stated a sit in protest against Shia killings with the bodies of 86 martyrs which is still continued for last 54 hours, in this sit in protest men, women, kids and old people are sitting in an open road and the temperature of Quetta city is waiving up and down from +2 to -14. The are demanding the resignation of CM Balochistan Aslam Raisani and the Quetta should be handed over to the Pak Army to control the Law and order situation of Quetta.
This protest is spreading around the all cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar. In more than 50 countries protest has been started for last 20 hours and this protest and participation of people is spreading hour by hour. Most of the political parties and social workers are joining the protest in all cities of Pakistan. PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Ghanva Bhutto, Leaders of Sunni Tehreek, Jamat Islami and the members of other parties are joining and sitting in the protest.
All the highways and railways of Pakistan are blocked due to this protest.
shia killings in Pakistan
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