Prostitution in Karachi & Lahore 377 Girls Sold in a Month



Prostitution & sex centers in Karachi, Lahore and different cities of Pakistan, are increasing day  by day. Former govt. was not able to handle any problem of the countries as they all were engaged in corruption, but the current govt, is trying to follow their foot steps.

Reports told that 377 girls were sold for prostitution in different cities of country. All girls were kidnapped from different parts of Punjab. A girl who succeeded in escaping from one of the brothel in Karachi that a single man “saleem” handling 177 girls in Karachi. She told that Saleem supply these girls big businessmen, bureaucrats, police officers and different powerful personalities. She told that he supply these girls in different Arab countries including Dubai. prostitution and girl trafficking in pakistan
prostitution in karachi & lahore

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