Priyanka Chopra abused by man on Dubai Flight


DUBAI – Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has been involved in an “ugly brawl” with a passenger on a Dubai-bound Emirates airline flight in which abuses and threats were exchanged, Indian newspaper Hindustan Times reported.

The newspaper claims the star accused the passenger, Dr Fayaz Shawl, of attention seeking, while he apparently said she was causing safety concerns by using her mobile phone on the plane.

“The aircraft was on the ground,” the newspaper quoted Chopra, 28, as saying, adding it was an “important call”.

She said the man “dropped names” and said he would call his friend, “the Sheikh of Dubai”, to complain, the newspaper added.

“I took out my credit card and challenged him to make a call to the Sheikh right there from the aircraft’s paid phone,” the actress told the newspaper.

The newspaper report goes on to quote her as saying she was “abused” by the man, although Dr Shawl is quoted as denying the claims, saying he was concerned for the safety of passengers and the plane.

Emirates was not quoted in the story concerning the incident which apparently happened on one of its flights from Mumbai on February 20.

According to the newspaper, Shawl is a US-based interventional cardiologist of Indian origin, and his patients include Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, Pakistan’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and veteran Indian film legend Dilip Kumar.

A former Miss World and model, Chopra has acted in many popular films, including “Fashion”, “Dostana” (Friendship) and “Kaminey” (Scoundrels).

The unwelcome news of the flight spat comes following a raid by Indian authorities on her home in January amid suspicions of tax evasion, a claim she denied.


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