Princess Haya of Jordan: A modern Arabian tale


The late King of Jordan’s daughter Princess Haya has grown up treading a delicate line between the West and Islamic tradition. The UK-educated champion showjumper has a new role as the second wife of the sheikh of Dubai

Some years ago, Princess Haya of Jordan approached her father about purchasing a horse. It was called Scandal. ‘Do you really need it?’ the king asked.

‘Daddy,’ she replied, ‘every princess has a scandal and if you want mine to come with four legs rather than two, you’d better buy it for me.’ She got the horse.

The close, good-humoured relationship between the late King Hussein and his third daughter is a recurring theme of our conversation.

When Princess Haya was only two, her mother, the popular Queen Alia, died in a helicopter accident at the age of 28. The king immediately grasped the power of the vacuum left behind.

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