Priest Arrested in Faisalabad for Raping Minor Girl


Priest haroon Masih arrested in Faisalabad for raping 14 years old girl Leena and forcing her for abortion.
My daughter Leena was raped for over four months and priest forced her for abortion, she used to teach at Sunday school, Ameena bibi told to police.
Leena said haroon raped her several months ago after church on Sunday, Haroon offered her drink mixed with drugs and locked her in a small room and raped. Haroon used to do this every week and scared her if she will inform any one she will be killed. Ameena told to Police officials.
Two weeks ago Leena told priest about pregnancy and he called a doctor for abortion. She received many inner injuries and was suffering from internal bleeding after that abortion. Her mother told that she didn’t have any idea what happened to her until Leena told them.

Doctor Fauzia Virk from Allied Hospital told that she treated the girl and now she is safe.
SHO Muhammad Sultan from Muneerabad Police Station told that Priest Haroon Masih has been arrested and a cast “376TP” is registered against him. Investigation is under its way. Police is not searching the lady doctor Shameem who performed her abortion. Her clinic is sealed and she has escaped.
Pakistani Priest arrested for raping
Source: Tribune

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