PPP Leaders Sells the Blankets of Rain Effected Peoples in Market


Local leaders and parliamentarians of PPP are accused of selling thousands of blankets in market. Those blankets were issued by Sindh government`s relief department for the rain & Flood victims of last year.
PPP MPA Imran Zafar Leghari told Dawn News that all those blankets were sold in market after being distributed in local leaders of PPP instead of victims.
blankets for sindh rain victims
Relied department sent these blankets for the children of rain affected areas of Sindh to protect people from cold but those were distributed among PPP MNAs, MPAs and local leaders, he said.
Blankets had been sold to shops in Khairpur Nathan Shah town, he said.
150 houses collapsed in the village during last year`s flood which had not been rebuilt yet. Villagers still living in the open atmosphere.
Blankets were given to PPP leaders as following.
2,000 blankets to MNA Rafiq Ahmed Jamali, 1,500 toPir Mazharul Haq, 1,200 to MNA Talat Mahessar, 800 to MPAs Kulsoom Chandio, Rasheeda Panhwar, Fiaz Butt and Sajeela Leghari, 500 to irrigation official Aziz Junejo, 400 to Shabbir Abro, 100 each to the presidents of the PPP`s chapters of Dadu, Johi, Mehar and Khairpur Nathan Shah taluka.

EDO (CDD) Rizwan Ahmed told that blankets were given to PPP MNAs, MPAs and local leaders under the directives of the government.

Local PPP leader Qambar Leghari admits the charges that blankets were sold by some people but all others stored the blankets in godowns and stores.

Source: Dawn News

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