Popularity of Imran Khan VS Voters of Imran Khan – A Survey by Jang Group & Gallup


Imran Khan a popular cricket who won the one and only world cup of Pakistan. Imran Khan who gave the best hospital and universities to this nation. Imran Khan says he did what ever his critics said about him that you can’t do, he proved that he can do everything. Critics said Imran khan can’t play cricket, Imran played cricket. Critics said imran Khan can’t be a fast bowler, Imran proved himself the best bowler of the world. Critics said Imran khan can’t make hospital but Imran did it. Now many survey’s are being conducted in Pakistan regarding the popularity of Imran Khan and other political parties and answer of these survey’s say Imran is loosing the popularity. Now latest survey by jang Group and Gallup says that Imran Khan is very popular but people are not interested giving him vote. Approximately 60% likes the Imran khan but upto 40% are interested to vote him. Check the video report. But i would add one thing here, as history tells about Imran Khan what ever people and critic said about Imran Khan he proved 100% against that, let see what happens in the upcoming elections. Weather Imran can prove himself again or not.

imran khan popularity

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