Poonam Pandey strips for media finally


If you thought Poonam Pandey won’t stand by her ‘strip promise,’ you are in for a big surprise. Poonam recently stripped for media. She unzipped her jacket revealing her black bikini top beneath.

Poonam shot to fame after she vouched to strip for team India if they win the World Cup. She used all the publicity to her advantage and bagged an entry into Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 to be hosted by Akshay Kumar.

At a recent event, when the wannabe stripper was introduced as the KKK 4 contestant, media fired her with questions regarding her no show after the Indian victory.

What happened after that was totally unpredictable. She unzipped her jacket to reveal a black bikini top much to the surprise of the media. Photographers went mad clicking her.

Poonam surely knows all the tricks to fame. As a contender for Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, she stands a chance to win a whopping sum of Rs 50 lakh.

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