Political Reactions at Killing of Sarfaraz by Rangers


Rangers a Semi Army of Borders are paying their duty in Karachi City for a long time due to the target killings and worse condition of City. Two days ago rangers killed a boy namely Sarfaraz in Clifton area as he was captured by some peoples with a fake TT Gun, in the video clearly it can be listened that he is begging for his life and saying that he had a fake TT Pistol don’t shoot him, after receiving the bullets Sarfaraz is begging for the life to take him to hospital but rangers didn’t help him and took him to hospital after his death. That is totally against the humanity even he was a snatcher or what ever but he should be taken to hospital and rangers should take him to hospital after arresting him instead of killing.
After this incident PM Gillani said that the action will be taken against those rangers.
Gillani at killing of Sarfaraz by Rangers

Supreme Court called the DG Rangers and IG Sindh and asked them harshly at this incident and asked how is this possible that any of the rangers man killing an unarmed man publicly, Supreme Court also gave the three days deadline to Govt. to transfer DG Rangers, IG Sindh, The court warned, “Their salaries will be stopped and official benefits also withdrawn.” If government will not do anything then court itself will take action against them. But remember court didn’t take the action at the protesters of Parachinar when they were protesting at parliament for 2 months.

Check the comments of Javed Hashmi, Khush Bakht Shujaat and Umer Cheema at the incident occurred in Karachi by Rangers. Javed Hashmi first politician who directed this incident and criticized it in parliament and started weeping at this brutal killing of a young boy by rangers in Karachi.


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