Police arrested the Kidnappers after releasing girl on ransom


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Kidnappers after receiving a ransom of Rs1.5 million freed daughter of a director general of Ministry of Population. However, later police arrested three of the captors and recovered the ransom money, sources said.

The Islamabad Police arrested the three members of the gang from a house in Lalazar Colony, Rawalpindi, while some other members managed to escape during a raid. The breakthrough could be achieved when the abducted girl provided electricity bill to the police, which she got from the house where she was kept.

The father of the kidnapped girl had paid the ransom amount to the kidnappers in a street of Askari-7 at Adiala Road, Rawalpindi, after 30-hour long bargain with the kidnappers and received his daughter at 6 a.m. on Monday.

The daring captors had kidnapped the 22-years-old girl from her house in Sector F-10/1 on Saturday night, right at the time when suicide bomber had attacked the main office of ‘Rescue-15’. The kidnapped girl (SS) has recently completed her MBA from International Islamic University Islamabad.

According to people engaged in the investigation of the case, the captors straightaway took the girl to a house in ‘3-Marla Scheme’ near Dr. Shahzad’s house and confined her there. The sources, quoting the statement of the girl, said that the girl acted courageously and picked a knife from the kitchen and warned the criminals that she would kill them or cut her throat if anyone tried to touch her. She said, “Talk to my father and he will accomplish your demands but don’t try to touch me.” She kept on carrying the knife for her protection and to stay the criminals away from her, the sources said.

The captors contacted Dr Shahzad for the first time after about three hours of the incident through his daughter but didn’t demanded the ransom, the sources said. “Papa! I am safe and they promised me to free me soon,” she informed her father. The criminals were so close to the house of Dr Shahzad that they were easily monitoring the activities of the police. “We could not hand over your daughter in the presence of the police,” the criminals conveyed to Dr Shahzad through the girl. Remove the police so that we could free her, they said. The SSP, taking immediate notice of the demand, removed the force from the house but they, taking advantage of the removal of the police, shifted the girl to Rawalpindi.

“The signals of the girl’s mobile phone were found around three streets of Lalazar Colony, Rawalpindi, the sources said, adding that soon after reaching Lalazar, they demanded Rs7 million as ransom for the safe release of the girl. But the deal settled at Rs1.5 million after a long bargaining and they directed Dr Shahzad to reach Askari-7 at Adiala Road at the corner of ‘Masjid Wali Gali’, sharp at 1.30 a.m. (midnight of Sunday and Monday). They warned him to come alone, threatening that they would kill his daughter if he tried to involve the police.

Before being shifted to unknown place, the girl, acting smartly, picked an electricity bill placed in a room to know the address of the house where she was confined, the police sources disclosed.

Meanwhile, Dr Shahzad reached the indicated place where the captors were waiting in a car, the sources said. A police party led by SP (Saddar Division) was present a few hundred yards away from him. He handed the cash bag to them and asked for his daughter but they advised him to go back to main Adiala and wait for her, she would be with him in a while. After a few minutes, the girl was seen walking towards her father’s car. “As she met with her father, she provided the electricity bill that she picked from a house in Lalazar, House-39-A, Lalazar Colony, Rawalpindi, and he handed the bill to the police party.

The police party, taking immediate action, On the direction of SSP Islamabad, police pickets were erected at various points in Islamabad, while police officials in plain clothes were also dispatched to different places of Rawalpindi to nab the accused.

The accused contacted the complainant and after bargaining agreed to receive Rs1.5 million for the release of the girl. The accused asked the complainant to come to Morgah, Rawalpindi, with ransom money. The complainant rushed at the destination pointed by the accused and on their direction placed the money at the decided point. The accused after picking the money, left for Sector F-10/3, Street No.7-A. The police followed the accused and apprehended them from Street No.7-A.

After the hectic efforts of more than 23 hours, the Islamabad Police succeeded in recovering the kidnapped girl safely and also arrested three persons along with three 30-bore pistols, two airguns and a car (NE-557-ICT) used in this crime.

Later, three alleged kidnappers were identified as Naeem, Yasin, Shaukat Iqbal, residents of Minyala, Chua Saidan Shah, District Chakwal. The Islamabad Police have thanked SP Rawalpindi Police Shahid Pervez and his police team for cooperation in arresting the alleged kidnappers and recovering the kidnapped girl.

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