PMLN’s Mushahid Allah abusing to PTI in Live Show – Must Watch PMLN Scandal


PMLN’s Mushahidullah Khan abusing againt Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf in live TV Show Bang e Dara hosted by Faisal Qureshi dated 28 april 2011. This is the real face of Pakistani Politicians they cann’t bear anyone else in politics, they want only themselves in politics, they want no new party now check and balance have a look in this video and judge about Pakisatn’s 2nd biggest political party lead by Nawaz Sherif. Some days ago we read the news of Nawaz Sharif’s sex scandal and love talks with Kim Barker The Tribune Journalist Chicago, in which she says that she got a lot of information from Mr. Nawaz Sherif with just some love talks and now this is a second sad news of the biggest political party of Pakistan in which Mushahidallah Khan Abusing to the leader Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf Imran Khan have a look in this video.

pmln mushahid Allah abusing to PTI in Live Show

pmln mushahid Allah abusing to PTI in Live Show

  • this is tipical pml n behaviour

    • rizwan

      ****** mushid ullah cootia ho gia hae ******, satay hua aisay logon ko sumandar burd ker dia jana chae, nawaz shreef me tumara fan hoon but aaj me tum pe lanat behjta hoon aisay log ko tum ne sath raka hua hae,

  • **** OFF Mushahid

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