PMLN Workers Attacked Police Station & Released Anjum Aqeel, Accused of Corruption Scandal


PMLN workers attacked a police station today in Islamabad and released the Lawmaker Anjum Aqeel Khan belongs to PML-N, who was arrested for the billion of Rupees corruption in National Police Foundation.
Yesterday attackers at the Sri lankan cricket team got bail from the court, it proves that PMLN supporting the extremists and Taliban.
Armed workers of PMLN attacked at Shalimar Police Station and flew the accused, interior minister Rehman Malik took the notice and asked the report in next 24 hours but what will happen every one knows because no one take seriously the statements of Rehman Malik in Pakistan.
Ahsan Iqbal urged Aqeel Khan to hand himself to Police, on other hands Rana Sanaullah said may be this action was done by Federal Govt. against PMLN.

PMLN Scandals - Aqeel Khan Corruption Scandal

PMLN Scandals - Aqeel Khan Involved in Corruption Scandal

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