PMLN MPA Arif Sandheela Beats a Lady Doctor Sana


Dr. Sana stated that PMLN MPA Arif Sandheela keeps bad eyes on her and he hit her with the mobile when she failed in providing the medicine. She said that everybody pays Rs. 2 as a fee in animal hospital but Arif Sandheela never paid the fee. She said he used to take free medicines from hospital and when she failed in delivering his required medicine, he showed a harsh attitude and hit her with his mobile. She is being pressurized for compromise now. On other hands MPA Arif says that his is the propaganda against him and he never did anything like this.
But this is the history of PMLN that whenever any member comes in power, he or she usually misuses that. We can see many scandals in past including PMLN MPA Nighat Sheikh scandal in which she hit the bus hostess.
Last year PPP MPA Waheeda Shah did the same act and she caught on camera while hitting the women.
pmln mpa arif sandhila scandal

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