PMLN is Responsible for kalashnikov Culture – Rehman Malik


rehman malik attacks pmlnRehman Malik: Addressing in Parliament Rehman Malik says PMLN is responsible for Kalashnikov culture in Pakistan. PMLN Supported Osama Bin Laden, Emil Kansi was flewed by PMLN, Now PMLN asks PPP about Osama. PMLN has been blamed by others many times that they are Shaved talibans. Because PMLN supports Taliban openly. Even once, Shahbaz Sherif said in his address that PMLN are from Taliban so Taliban should not attack PMLN.
Jamat Islami is a Second biggest supporter of Taliban, Jamaat Islami say Osama Bin Laden in Martyr. Even he was a killer of millions of peoples by Alqada, but Osama is Martyr. May God give them sense.

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