Pir Cuts the Male Organ of Two years Old Boy


GUJRANWALA: Male organ of two years old boy cut by a local pir to turn him into a malang.
Pir Haider Ali cut the genitals of small boy when his mother promised to turn her child into a malang. Eight children of Shahnaz died after another so she met with Pir Haider Ali and Pir told her that her son can only live as a malang so shahnaz promised him if she had a son she would give him to pir ro raise as a malang. Shahnaz says,”i gave my son to Ali on my own free will, i want him to be raised as a spiritual man.”

Ali Says, “I castrated him on August 14 because that is Pakistan’s Independence Day. I figured it was the best time to free this child from the cares of the world and all the corruption in it. Now he is pure,” he told reporters.
“The pir has a track record of rape and was known for living in a brothel with a group of eunuchs,” said a police official.
two years old boy
Source: Tribune

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    kill the peer on the spot and tyrannize extremely.

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