Pervez Musharraf Crossed LoC in 1999 Kargil Operation and Spend 1 Night – Gen VK Singh Praises Musharraf


General KV Singh praises Pervez Musharaf’s courage and accepts that Musharaf spent the whole night in India after crossing the LoC in 1999 Kargil Operation on Friday. KV Singh said it showed the courage of military commander.

He admitted the errors of Indian Army, who allowed Musharaf to cross the LoC and spend a whole night in Indian Territory boarder and then let Musharaf go back safely.

“As far as General Musharaf is concerned, I would like to put it in two ways. One, as a military commander, I would commend Gen Musharaf for coming 11 km (inside Indian Territory) to stay with his troops for a night. It is the courage of a military commander that he came so far knowing that there was danger,” Singh told reporters here.

“Second, what was happening on our side you all know and facts are before you. Why did we allow him to go? Why did we allow them to enter? I would only say that there were some mistakes, which need to be rectified,” he said.

Pakistani Col Ashfaq Hussain confirmed this in his book that Musharaf’s flawed 11 km across the LoC on March 28, 1999.
Musharaf’s crossed the line of control in a helicopter and spent a whole night at Zikria Mustaqar, 11 km inside Indian boarders with Pakistani troops commanded by Col Amjad Shabbir.



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