Parents chopped girl’s nose over Love Marriage in Shinning India


Parents chopped girl's nose in shinning India

Parents chopped girl's nose in shinning India

Rapipur – Seven arrested including parents on Friday in a remote village of Chhattisgarh due to chopping the girl’s nose to punish her for marrying a village boy.

Police stated family of girl was highly upset when Nanki 19, Married Nerandra 19, a village boy. Both returned to home after getting married at a temple in Raipur. Girl was living with in-laws. Girl’s parents attacked her in her in-law’s home and dragged her to room and chopped off her nose to punish her at her act. Her parents attacked her when most of in-laws were out of home. Later she registered complaint against her family and all were arrested.

This is happening in Shinning India. The advanced India is facing now these difficulties by parents when they are promoting the love affairs, love marriages, even guy and lesbian now a days through their media, movies even in Programs and arranging the dates, love connections, marriages in their TV programs. They should know this that all these things will effect at youth and youth will follow what ever is being broad casted at media. Once they said they have won the war from Pakistan through their media now they are loosing the media war in their own country.

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