Spot Fixing Case Latest News – Amir, Asif, Salman Jailed for years


Muhammad Amir, Muhammad Asir, Salman Butt and Mazhar Majeed are sentenced to behind the bars for years in spot fixing case.
Mazhar Majeed the main culprit of the spot fixing case is sentenced for 2 years and 8 months in jail. On other hands Pakistani former captain Salman butt is sentenced for 30 months in jail as he was the most responsible and involved person in the team. Meantime, Asif is sentenced for 1 year.
On other hands Judge Cooke said Muhammad Amir and family pressured the court that he is the youngest and belongs to a far-flung village and was trapped in the case by older players, so he is sentenced for six months in jail only.
“These offences, regardless of pleas, are so serious that only a sentence of imprisonment will suffice,” Judge Jeremy Cooke told the four at London’s Southwark Crown Court. Judge said these sports ambassadors brought the more disgrace to their country as well as cricket.
Aamir-Asif-Salman jailed

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