Pakistani Raymond Davis wants to pay blood money


Following in the footsteps of CIA spy Raymond Davis, Dunya TV anchor Rehman Azhar is reportedly all set to buy his freedom after paying Rs. 2.5 million as blood money to the family of the elderly man he killed a few weeks ago.

Earlier, Defense police declared Azhar “guilty” in a challan submitted in the court here on Tuesday. Azhar and the co-accused – Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas – have been sent on the judicial remand.

“We have recovered the murder weapon from Azhar and declared him guilty while the co-accused abetted to the crime,” SP Investigation (Defense) Amin Bokhari told

“The accused finally admitted to his crime after completing his 14-day judicial remand,” the SP confirmed.

However, sources privy to the development have confirmed that victim Safdar Ali’s family has finally agreed to receive the blood money (diyat) offered by the accused.

“Like Raymond Davis, Azhar and company have forced the poor family of Safdar to accept the blood money. The family is told that it will be better if it receives the diyat as the accused are too strong and they eventually will earn their freedom this way or the other,” a police source said.

According to an FIR, Rehman Azhar, producers – Zeeshan and Zagham Abbas – on their car LEB-5224 and LEC-2808 – chased another car LZU-7241 and intercepted it near the Lahore Grammar School Defence Housing Authority on last Saturday.

“They got off the cars and started teasing two women – Mariam and her daughter -who were going along with their driver Safdar Ali to their house in U block, DHA. The media persons who were drunk started teasing the women. Meanwhile, Mariam had called her husband Ijaz Ahmed Awan who along with his son reached there,” the FIR says.

Ijaz and his son exchanged harsh words with the drunken guys over the matter which led a scuffle between them. “Azhar took out a baseball bat from his car and tried to hit Awan and his son, however, Azhar ended up hitting the bat in the head of Awan’s family driver Safdar Ali when he tried so save his owner from him,” the FIR says adding the three media persons did not allow Awan and the other family members to shift the injured to hospital and the excessive bleeding caused his death.

Victim Safdar left behind a widow and nine children. Awan is the complainant of the case which is registered against the accused under section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code.
Rehman Azhar TV Anchor killed a man

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