Pakistani Female Cricket Team stays in Cricket Ground in winter series 2013


Pakistan cricket team which is in India now a days to play the Women’s World Cup matches organised by ICC. But you will be shocked to know that the cricket team is staying in the ground instead of hotels due to security reasons and threats by extremist parties of India. Accommodation is organised in Barabati Stadium.
Several parties threatened the Indian Govt and management at the participation of Pakistani Cricket team in this series so i think ICC should move this series to any other country but ICC is under the influence of BCCI so they can’t do it. ICC broke their own rule of accommodation and arranged the accommodation in the ground for Pakistani Cricket team.
Most of the hotel refused to host the team due to the threats by the Indian Terrorists. All other teams are staying in hotels.
Official says the club house in the stadium where Pakistani team is staying, is equipped with world class swimming pool and other facilities and they will provide the 5 star facilities in the club house. Approximately 600 security persons are deployed for the security of the team.
Pakistani team manager says they are well prepared to encounter the other teams in upcoming matches with their exciting performance.

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